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🚀 Code Highlight is a Google Workspace add-on that provides you with the fastest & easiest way to highlight code in Google Slides.


🎨 25+ hand-picked themes

Code Highlight offers themes for everyone's style! Whether you are fond of light or dark theme, we got you covered with the best themes on the market!

♾️ 70+ programming languages

Not only does Code Highlight support a great collection of programming languages, but it also supports various other markups and syntaxes.

❤️ Fonts you know and love

To make the experience complete, Code Highlight offers the best-monospaced programming fonts - chosen by developers for developers!

ℹ️ About the license:

  • Upon purchasing Code Highlight, Gumroad will email you the license.
  • License key is for personal use only, if shared publicly, it will be disabled.

We are loved!

👋 Hi there!

I (Vladimir), the creator of Code Highlight, am a freelance software developer and recently turned maker. I hope you'll enjoy using Code Highlight as much as I did making it.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

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Code Highlight

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